Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lucky Girl

After a long week and being gone all Saturday I came home to this......


All the dishes washed, and a completely clean house. 
Feeling very blessed lately to have this guy by my side. 


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I was looking back through my blog the other day. It is fun to have posts back from when we were just married, and to see how much life has changed in so little time. This being said... I am trying to keep up my blog better.

Lately we have been up too......

This boy had a birthday! The big twenty-six. Jeremy had a work dinner on his birthday. He ended up getting two, to-go meals, and bringing one home to me. It was the best birthday dinner I think Jeremy has ever had. I got Jeremy the BIGGEST birthday balloon I have ever seen. I was probably more excited about it then Jeremy.

We also had spring break a couple of weeks ago. Spring break in Texas is awesome! I got a whole week off of school. I spent it planning a little bit, laying by the pool, giving my hair some TLC and having some much needed girl time. Jeremy and I tried to do a remake of last spring break. We went for a visit brazo's bend.
My cute class went on a fieldtrip. My goodness fieldtrips are a lot of work. It makes me so nervous that for some reason I am going to lose one of them. I usually end up running around like a crazy lady.  
Jeremy and I went took a quick trip to New York last weekend. Jeremy and had a business trip. Also known as a free flight and hotel so I tagged along with him. Our hotel was right across the street from central park. we woke up and went on a walk through central park and then went to the natural history musuem. It was freezing! We were missing our houston weather. We spent a day in New York and then went up to Pennsylvania to see Jeremy's brother Jeff and his family.
My name Dum Dum I want Gum Gum. The movie Night at The Musuem was filmed at the musuem. We were to excited to find the Dum Dum dude from the movie!

We were able to meet this little guy. One of the harderst parts about living away from family has been not being able to meet my new neices and nephews. It was fun to be able to meet one new little one. He is the most handsome boy!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

San Antonio Weekend

We took a break from our usual this weekend and headed to San Antonio. The rodeo is a pretty big deal here in Texas. The rodeo usually consists of bull riding, bucking horses, lots of boots, cowboy hat, and a concert after the rodeo. We had never been to San Antonio. There is so much to do! We could have spent days...

We went to the Alamo
We went to the IMAX theater to watch a movie about the war at the Alamo before that explained what went on. I didn't realize that Davy Crockett fought and died at the Alamo.

Jeremy has a buddy that lived in San Antonio for years that gave us tips on awesome places to eat while we were there. We went to the cutest little restuarant called the Gunter House. There were old ladies all over the place having brunch wearing their floral shirts and broches. The restuarant is very old and has a lot of history to go along with it.
I think the resturant knew I was coming. The outside seats had little throw blankets on the seats that you could wear while eating. I'm always cold it was perfect for me.
We took a walk on the river walk.

For dinner we went to an authenic mexican restuarnt. Those people know who to make fajitas. So good! The restuarnt was in the middle of a street full of things to buy from Mexico. We saw this funny Hispanic Elvis ready to pose for the camera.

Darius Rucker played at the concert after the rodeo. I liked him before, but I am in LOVE with him now. He is amazing in concert. After the concert we were walking to our car and we caught a picture of him walking to his bus.
The cowboys make this look so easy. Many of them made is the whole eight seconds.
We of course had to stop to get gas at bucees! Anyone from Texas knows that bucees is the place to be. Bucee's are gas stations that have nice, clean bathrooms. They are always hopping!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Saturday Afternoon in the H-town

What is a Saturday afternoon, in Janurary, in the H-town like you may ask? We woke up. I went to tutorials at my school until about 11:30, then we headed out on the town. We couldn't resist going outside in the 75 degree weather. We spent the day shopping, walking around, and eating pizza. 







Sunday, January 20, 2013

Twin Day

Meet my Co-Worker. She is pretty much the bomb.


Seriously, she is awesome. She is so strong, and tough, and such an amazing person. I couldn't have made it these past two years without her. We had a really big and stressful observation this week. Seven head honchos were in my classroom at one time! Intimidating? I say yes! We walked in the morning of our observation wearing almost the exact same outfits, down to the shoes. We spend too much time together. We have starting thinking a like.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

I love this time of year. It is time that Jeremy and I get to spend time with family and reevaluate what is truly important. We were lucky enough to spend a week in Idaho and Utah for Christmas. We were able to see aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, sisters, and brothers over the week. It was a whirlwind of good times.

We started our week with the annual Warnick and Jones Christmas parties. We made AWESOME gingerbread houses, ate corndogs and tattertots, and caught up with the lives of cousins.

Can you guess whose house is whose?
Batman and Cat Woman
The Federal Reverse
Baby James was Baby Jesus in the nativity at the Jones party.

We were lucky enough to be present at baby Emme's blessing. She is such a cutie! Love her.



On Christmas Eve we went to the annual bowling party with the Fullmer fam.


Look at those cute shoes!

On Christmas Eve we also went to my Grandma Erickson's for dinner and the Nativity. Keaton made a pretty cute star. He was a trooper.

We of course had the annual Parkinson family tornement at the craze. We own 624 tickets! The boys as a prize got these mustaches. They had fun playing with them. Such nerds.
Jeremy's horsehead, wool sweater made a reappearance this year. We found a surprise in the left side of the sweater this year. His beloved sweater was specially handmade by Edna. haha
I may be biased, but I have the cutest nieces and nephew around. Just look at those baby blues. Jeremy loves this little guy.
Christmas at the Warnick's consisted of games, way too much food, and episodes of our new favorite TV show, Sherlock.